Changing Culture is one of the most rewarding things you will do. Everybody benefits. The organisation, people, you, everyone. It’s also fantastic being part of such a profound change. It brings out the best in people.

“Culture drives great results” – Jack Welch

You will also improve productivity, reduce stress, and create a happier and more committed workforce. People will create stronger connections and bonds. Being part of a great culture is amazing. It’s a great place to be.

Team Focus are experts at supporting you to create a more effective, efficient and dynamic culture. Our approach ensures you achieve real and tangible results that will benefit your business. We’ve helped lots of organisations achieve a transformational change and yours could be next.

Every organisation has a culture. Is it the one you want? Have you taken conscious control of the culture you need to achieve your strategy?

In most Organisations the culture is a product of past mistakes, past leadership, significant changes including downsizing and retrenchments, and too often a disgruntled workforce. This creates mistrust, poor relationships, animosity, conflict, and other issues that are a poor foundation for culture and success.  

Changing this is challenging and rewarding at the same time. To start you need to become conscious of the culture you want.

There are different approaches to creating a culture. Your first choice is which suits you best. We advocate the Strategy approach – which means you decide the culture you need as part of your strategic planning. This way your strategy will always drive your culture.

We have worked with other approaches including:

  • Defining values to drive behaviour and culture
  • Refining systems to drive the behaviour you need
  • Creating desired behaviours and cascading through leadership.

All have their pros and cons.

Our Approach

We work as your business partner to coach and guide you through the process. There will be times you need an external perspective and influence and we understand the steps involved. We provide:

  • Guidance in developing your target culture as part of your strategic planning
  • Facilitation of your target culture and measurement criteria
  • Options to assess your current culture
  • Education and coaching in the changes you need to implement
  • Facilitation to involve your workforce
  • Coaching

What you need to know

  1. It’s a long term commitment. The minimum time to re-measure is years, not months.
  2. Your people must be involved. Effective change involves the whole Organisation.
  3. You need to drive the change, it must come from within. If an external party changes your culture it will only revert once they are gone.

We will guide you in the steps needed to achieve the change you desire but you are always in control. After all it’s your culture.

We’ve developed a unique approach we’ve dubbed “S.T.R.A.P. I.N.” It outlines the essential steps. Click below to download our PDF. For more information contact us. We love talking about culture and are genuine when we say there is no pressure. We are passionate about creating great culture and places to work.

Love your Culture. We’ll show you how.

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