Since 1988 Team Focus has been at the forefront of experience-based change programs. Now with almost 30 years of experience we have a strong track record and outstanding credentials. We provide a specialised service and build relationships with clients based on the following principles and values:

Outcome Focus

We work with you to achieve your outcomes. This is important as it means we are working for you, rather than ourselves, and will recommend what’s best for you, rather than what’s best for us. Quite often we are asked for workshops to address an issue when investigation shows a different solution is needed. We will recommend the best solution, not the one that suits us.

Supporting You

We’re coaches, not consultants, which means we’re there to support you. When it comes to Culture Change you have to do the work, otherwise it won’t stick. We’re there to show you how.


You will find us honest and pragmatic. We’ll admit our strengths and our weaknesses. I know that’s rare in consultants but then we don’t really like consultants – we prefer to think of ourselves as your culture coach or partner. Our essence is in our logo – we want you to love your culture. When people love their culture you see amazing results.

Ross Judd – Managing Director

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