Our Approach

Our approach is simple – we coach you to achieve your outcomes. This means blending the right ingredients which will be influenced by your outcomes, situation, time, budget, venue, and other factors.

You get the best approach possible because we are developing you to achieve. We carefully blend theory like Lencioni’s 5 Behaviours or a Cohesive Team, feedback instruments like the Human Synergistics profiling tools or DiSC and MBTI, and experiential activities with expert facilitation and presentation.

We achieve results because we believe people need to be engaged in their own learning journey. When people are engaged in the learning journey change takes place.

I hear and I forget        I see and I remember        I do and I understand       –     Confucius

This is why we use experiential methodologies as much as possible. We don’t just present information we work with people to experience the concepts being taught. We do this through exercises, activities, examples and illustrations that highlight their learning at a personal level.

Just for the record we’d rather interact with your group than show them a PowerPoint. We’d prefer the room to be well lit, preferably with sunlight, instead of darkened so we can see slides. We’d rather hear from participants than talk at them the whole time. That’s how we work. That’s who we are.

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